DONATE for the Free Virtual Platform for Our Children

DONATE for the Free Virtual Platform for Our Children

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Covid-19 struck Sri Lanka during the latter part of February and all the schools have been closed ever since. Government of Sri Lanka took bold steps to safeguard the children and halted all private classes as well and went into a complete lockdown.

This had a drastic effect on our children as most of them have no access to education or whatsoever. It should be noted that the Advanced Level examination (the final examination of the school curriculum) is due in August and the students are currently helpless. Further, the Ordinary Level examination is due in December which is the qualification to enter into the Advanced Level.

Several individual teachers and schools have formed private groups in social media and websites to share content with their children. This has been a great help to those who have access to these facilities.

Therefore, we are forming a very special platform to provide free education for children.

Following are the pitfalls of current activities:

  • Social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook are not education-focused
  • Privacy of users (telephone numbers, profile information…) are visible and could lead to unwanted problems
  • Internet penetration is relatively lower among school children
  • Teaching material cannot be integrated into current platforms such as whiteboards…
  • Building an LMS for an individual teacher is expensive
  • Available platforms have to be purchased which are expensive

Therefore, in order to eradicate the pitfalls and to offer a great experience for the students, we have planned a special platform to be built and to provide it COMPLETELY FREE for the teachers and students.

Following are the highlights of our system:

  • Totally FREE for students, teachers, schools and classes
  • Fully educational focused platform
  • Comprises of teaching facilities such as whiteboards, presentation sharing, live video teaching, audio material, online examinations, file sharing, discussion board and many more
  • User privacy is protected
  • Already confirmed support from a number of teachers and schools
  • Schools can request for their own personalise LMS
  • Future plans to provide hardware for rural schools and students so that they can get the same benefits similar to students in urban areas
  • Managed by a complete educational based charitable organisation and well-wishers

Above are some of the key features we are planning to offer for the benefit of children.

Therefore, you can be a part of this novel course and bring a smile to an innocent face of a child by helping to build a better future for them and their families, by which to the entire world we live.

As for any project, there are costs involved in this worthy cause and we will be deploying it step-by-step due to the limitations we are facing currently. The project is already underway and we are in need of the funds urgently.

We and the community appreciate your generous hand with heartfelt gratitude for your contribution and we will publicise a list of our beloved contributors online; with your smiling face to show the world how kind and generous you have been for this worthy cause.

Please also share this cause with your friends and family and help us to achieve this task. 

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